Thursday, November 16, 2006

Is Zara Feisty Enough?

When I rewrote World of Mirrors, I changed the character and her backstory. She is younger than the first character and she became much feistier, too. Last night in preparation for making the dreaded chapter by chapter outline, I was re-reading the book. Haven't done that much, only 200 times or more. It struck me that once the set up was complete and Zara was in Germany, she had become much more passive. She's out of her element, big time, and has already been threatened.

This is the fine line a writer walks between having a believeable character and a strong character. Without having her do something stupid or foolish, (she already did that once--the foolish part) how do we show her strengths? She has analytical ability, and I'm highlighting that. She still has a mouth on her, but one of the bad guys has already threatened her when she mouths off. She doesn't speak the language that well and is totally out of her element. Eventually, she will triumph, but I think there are a few scenes where she could look stronger. Have to figure out how to do that. This writing business ain't easy, but it sure is fun.



Did you get your flu shot yet? You really should. Be brave.

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