Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bad Boys--Mean Girls

So why is the idea of a bad boy so much cooler than the idea of a mean girl? Inquiring minds (Grapeshot's) want to know. Doesn't the new 007 look like the badest, coolest boy on the block? Yum. Now mean girls are another matter. Who ever aspired to be a mean girl? And lordly, are mean girls ever mean. Kick you the out the door and spit on you. Then they really get mean. I have known some in my time and I know some now. You do not want to get on their "bad" side, believe me. Cross my heart I have never been one!

The New York Times Book Review last week (Nov. 19th) had a magazines devoted to rebels. I loved it. Allen Ginsbuerg, Tennesee Willimas, Courney Love, Hunter Thompson, Neal Cassady, and so on. Of course the girls were in the minority. Usually they're on the sidelines to write the groupy memoirs. Phooey on that.

Neal Cassady, Kerouac's model for Dean Moriarty, shares a candid photo with Timothy Lear7. The time is 1964. These guys look like the kind you want to party with, laughing, relaxed, literary and bad. The bad is only hearsay. They just looke like fun.

Bad boys are rebels and mean girls are. . . maybe envious of bad boys, could that be it, that boys have all the fun? I dunno. Bad boys and mean girls. Think about it. Let me know.



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