Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Shadow Warriors

Sometimes people surprise me. Quite often, in fact. Yesterday, driving to The Writing Group, my carpool writer told me she got The Shadow Warriors through the interlibrary loan and read it and liked it. A statement like that gladdens the heart: a) that she went to the trouble and b) that she liked it enough to tell me. Her remarks came after we both agreed that lots of mysteries nowadays are poorly written and deadly dull and granted the bean counters are now in charge of publishing, and why can't they understand that same old, same old is ho hum, ho hum?

No responses at all from agents or publishers. Maybe that is a good thing and they are cogitating, or it is a bad thing and they are steaming the stamps off of my SASE to glue on the electric bill.

The Burning Man section of the WIP, Festival Madness rocks! My concern now is that the subsequent section has to be really really good to equal or surpass the Man.

Soon we are going to drive to the Adirondacks to find the place where the book's showdown occurs. I still have a big plotting question in my head, which I need to solve, soon.

Back to Festival Madness!


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