Friday, September 15, 2006

R.I.P. Figs, Wellesley

In Wellesley today, running errands. Since 1995 we've been regulars at Todd English's Figs on Central Street, even after moving. It's one of the only places where we actually recognized the staff and they knew us. Good food. Good wine. Nice ambiance. We could share a pizza, share a big salad, drink a glass of excellent wine and spend $40.00. Enough pizza left over for one, maybe even two meals. Good pizza, not the greasy mess you get at the chains. Imaginative. Kids could order mac and cheese, diet freaks could order Olivia's Chicken. Seriously decadent bread pudding dessert. One night the couple next to us didn't eat all theirs. Have to say I was seriously tempted to stick my fork across the table and spear a bite. Didn't, of course.
So when we parked today, anticipating lunch, what an unpleasant surprise to see "closed, forever" on the door. Merde. Totally bummed. Felt like crying.
The place was always humming. Nice lunch business, too. Sometimes a wait for Saturday lunch. Always a wait in the evening. Wandered over to Ming Tsai's and asked the hostess there what the deal was. Fancy chef will open Italian restaurant. Well, duh! That's what we had here. Googled around on the web and besides other boo-hoos read something about lease up and partners didn't want to renew and concentrating on other businesses. Sent an email expressing my displeasure. What's a person to do?
Blue Ginger had great Korean Pork Barbeque sandwiches. Couldn't fault them. But dammit, it wasn't Figs.
No one in my writer's group ever ventured there. One person only eats Chinese takeout. Another thinks a saturdated fat gram is the devil incarnate. Must have sniffed out some bacon in something.
So, raise your glass to the late, lamented Figs of Wellesley. Closed forever. A damn shame.



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