Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Chicken Bone Saloon

One of the many good things about writing is getting to do research in funky places. Last night, Significant Other and I put on our suburbanites-trying-to-be-cool duds and ventured out for a Friday night at the Chicken Bone Saloon.

I modeled the Bone's bar in my so-far-unsold Wisconsin mystery, Promiscuous Mode, on the CB Saloon. Now I need it for a scene in Festival Madness. Hadn't been there for a few years, so we decided to pay a return visit.

The band was Fat Wall, and they were actually pretty good. I ordered the hot garlic wings with bones, natch, which tasted yummy until about five a.m. at which time I woke up with a humongous thirst. S.O., not being a wing person, had a cheese burger and fries. Fries very tasty.

The saloon does a big business delivering take-out, and we were astounded at the huge container which left for the burbs around nine. There are plenty of TV sets, games, dart board, etc. and a long bar. Good people watching. Big menu, which even has salads and stuff that is good for you. Go figure.

Lots of women in skimpy tops, which seems to be de rigeur these days unless one is older and well, you know.
Sam Adams on tap. Grapeshot ordered rum on ice, not being a beer drinker and leery of wine in saloons. Friendly service. So, I'm set up for the scene after the current scene in Festival Madness.

And waiting for hear from a bunch of agents who seem to have decided to soak the 39 cent stamp off my SASE and use it to pay electric bills. Or something. Damn.

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