Friday, August 04, 2006

King Salmon

The fact that wild salmon is now in season crossed my radar, and subsequently, S.O. was sent off to Cap'n Marden's Seafood in Wellesley to fetch at pound and a half for dinner. Cap'n Marden never disappoints, and he continued to uphold his stellar record of purveying fish.

The price caused me to do a double-take. $30.00? O.K., $20 per pound. We were going to grill so there was an impetus not to screw it up, as in cremate. Beef tenderloin would have been cheaper.

I have a Thai recipe with a sauce made of garlic, soy, red (bell) pepper, scallions, and the like. Enough complexity but not major work. Then we worried about a line of thunderstorms that looked like it would be approaching about dinner time. Again, didn't happen.

S.O. did yeoman's duty on the grill. The salmon was perfect, pale pink, totally lucious, with a flavor so subtle, so delicious that we gobbled down the whole hunk of fish. Served with rice, of course, (Texmati) and fresh green beans. A salad of oranges and baby spinach with a mild poppyseed dressing. Cookies from Sweet Rue in Needham. Four diners satisfied.

Any comparison between our King Salmon and a farm raised fish is like diamonds to rhinestones. The wild fish was a superior creature. Like eating margarine all your life and then tasting fresh butter.

Grapeshot worries that most people today have the palate of a platypus, and are unaware of what "real" food taste like. Treat yourself to a really good meal. On me.

Bon Appetit!


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