Wednesday, July 19, 2006

In search of a song

Picture this: middle of the night flying over the Atlantic on Air France. Most of the passengers asleep. Grapeshot is wide awake and decides to listen to some "French Favorites." La Chanson Francaise. Love the selections. One is so riveting that I have to hear it again, so listen to the entire (long) tape a second time. Tomorrow I'll regret not sleeping. Rip out page 25 from the program to look for the music in Europe.

Record shops abound in the Sorbonne neighborhood where we are. Can't remember the name of the song.
Back home I perform a web search on the one song, I really loved, Désenchantée, by a singer called Zazie. Someone else has recorded the song, but I want Zazie. Google her, don't find anything. Give up.

Cleaning off my desk. Find the Air France music listing. Another google search. Pay dirt. Someone has popular French music on his blog and he lists Zazie and also Obispo who is also associated with that song. Hopes rise. I do a search on the album title, which I can't translate, Le train des Enfoirés.

Click on a music site and yikes, I am on a Russian site that will give me the song free if I register. Now, the last time I was on a Russian music site, it planted malware on my computer that hijacked my browser, couldn't be deleted and caused a big mess. I click off the Russian site as fast as the mouse can move.

But wait! Here is Amazon with Le train des Enfoirés. Success! Oooops! What's this? $52.00! They have to be kidding. Two disks. Hmmm. I look elsewhere for the album, if indeed it is an album. No luck. Le train des Enfoirés seems to be a rare bird.

On another French site, with my really rusty French, I think I read that this is a fund raiser album, maybe from a live concert, which would explain why it's so pricey. And Amazon has to get it from France and is charging accordingly. Or maybe the dollar has REALLY fallen.

Significant Other is scheduled for a European trip, so maybe I will ask him to try to find the CD set. This leads to trying to figure out what the title, Le train des Enfoirés, actually means. Well, train is train, right? The other word looks like "enforcer," but that makes no sense. Perhaps to the French. Could this be a phrase or even slang? Better find out. Google into French/English dictionary. Whoa Nelly!

Enfoirés is a naughty word. Don't even want to translate, because Grapeshot runs a clean blog. Up until today. Dilemna! How can I ask S.O. to request the album without telling him what it means? Will he be too embarrassed to ask? Damn.

Zazie and her song remain out of arm's reach. How am I going to get that album? Will I sit here in the middle of the night listening? Will I find success as a writer? How many angels dance on the head of a pin?



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