Sunday, December 20, 2015

Writing During the Holidays? You've Got To Be Kidding!

Every writer I know is running behind for the holidays.  Some of us haven't even started baking.  This year is worst than most.  What happened?  
For starters,  New England Crime writers often participate in the New England Crimebake, a mystery conference always held on Veterans Day weekend in November.  I'm usually on the committee, as is my husband, which means the household goes to hell in the two weeks before the event.  

Then there's the event itself:  three days of eating, drinking and breathing writing.  Fun, but exhausting.  

Time to catch of on laundry, shopping, cleaning and. . . eeek!  Getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Family from out-of-town arrives early and stays late.  Lots of cooking, eating, and festivities.  December 4th, we take family member to New York to catch his plane back to the West Coast.  Stay in New York and live it up for a few days.  Fab party on the top floor of the Chrysler Building. 

Back to Boston.  What?  It's already December 8th?  Whoa!  Christmas is around the corner.  No, wait!  That can't be.   

It can be.  It is.  

Frantic activity begins.  Oh, did I mention I took an online class that began the last day of Crimebake?  Two weeks of lessons and homework. We are talking seriously behind.  Finally buy cards.  Stamps.  Presents. Have someone come in and clean.  It takes TWO DAYS to get the house picked up so someone CAN clean.  Baking starts.  I am a serious home cook and always do a lot of cookies.  

Now.  House is clean.  Guests all expected this week.  Menu ready.  Roast bought.  Tree is up, somewhat diminished this year due to new kitten in residence.  Did I mention kitten got "fixed" last week.  He and the other resident cat chase around like mad all day.  Mad cats in a mad house. 

Are you thinking I didn't write a word?  Well, truth be told, not many.  But I did some revising, and made modest progress.  Everything is more or less in readiness.  I have 5 days  day to do 3 more batches of cookies and shop for the rest of the food.  A few gifts to wrap.  Everyone got BIG presents this year, so there's not a lot of little stuff to wrap.  The cats got toy mice, of course.  And they get turkey an giblets for a meal.  

Still not sure about Christmas eve, with everyone arriving late.  Maybe a casserole? Or a stew?  Yes, stew would be good.  Maybe seafood--traditional.  

Our holiday menu.  Happy holidays to the blog readers.  And don't forget to check out the blogs at the bottom here.  

2016 Christmas Menu

Prime Rib Roast

Yorkshire Pudding

Roasted Potatoes

Green Beans

Hearts of Palm Salad

Cranberry Crisp

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  1. Wow! And I thought I was busy; plus you had some revising stuck in between all those events and duties!

    Merry Christmas, Judith! I'm sure you're looking forward to 2016 and the end of the holidays.


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