Saturday, May 21, 2011

Last night's green guest

Luna Moth resting on Window Sill

We're in the living room watching the Cubs/Red Sox game and I hear a noise against the window.  "Eeek!"  I say , "the hummingbird is trying to get inside."  Nope, it's not my little birdie, but what is it?  Significant Other thinks it's might be a small bat.  Finally, we realize the critter is a bigass moth, a huge green moth, bigger than any I've ever seen.  I pull the shade so the poor creature won't beat herself to death against the window.

This morning she's resting on the next window's sill,  very still.  Is she alive?  We still don't know.  Do not disturb is the watchword.  When I googled "big green moth" her image popped up.  Isn't the web grand?  We don't have an insect book.  You can read about her on Wikipedia at Luna Moth

The amazing thing is that just an hour before our green guest appeared, I was reading an article in the National Wildlife Magazine about keeping a "yard journal" with jottings, sketches and photos of all the wild life that appears in one's yard.  And we have it in spades!  What a great idea.  And I can start with Ms. Moth.   See the next post for more on our wildlife situation.

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