Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lists, lists! I need a list of the lists.

There's always my "to do list" which I update weekly.  It can have big stuff (finish novel) and little stuff (go to drugstore).  Some items get carried over from year to year.   Of course there are the New Year's resolutions which I actually wrote down this year and so far, except for the last resolution, I'm doing all right.

1)  Lose five pounds.  This is on my list every year, and last year I actually lost 7 pounds.  Only gained back two over the holidays, no gone.  Yippeee! The secret to losing weight is to eat less.  No forbidden foods, just less of them.

2   Walk more.  Yes!  We visit the gym and the treadmill regularly.  Can't walk outdoors because it is too cold and there is 70 inches of snow.  Yikes!

3)  Write more!  Yes again.  Cut 9,000 words from my novel and whipped it into shape to send to my agent.   Started my new novel. Well, one chapter.

4) Read more.  Have been doing this, too.  Several new books under my belt.  Once I get distracted and stop reading a book, it is hard to pick it up again.  Must do that with my current one, The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver.  Really good, and I'm 3/4 of the way through it.  Just need to finish.

5)  Eat healthy.  My "healthy" is not Your healthy.  My healthy means few processed foods.  I never eat low-fat foods (full of salt and sugar and artificial ingredients), nor do I eat deli turkey, one of the most disgusting items in the supermarket.  Not only does it not look like turkey or taste like turkey, it is pumped full of chemicals.  Yuck!
I am more likely to stop by the wing bar and grab a measly two pieces.  Or maybe lean roast beef or learn ham from a good source.  We try very hard to use s few processed products as possible. It's hard and it's time consuming.

 6)  Have fun!  Fun has been hard to come by this winter, with the cold and the snow and now the ice dams and the leaks.  Some people actually like winter.  How weird is that? I hated ice skating after being left on the ice alone my first time (on ill-fitting hockey skates) and being in the middle of a lake with the ice cracking under me.  Skiing was almost as bad.  Never got the hang of the chairlift--too cold to breathe, and then a ski instructor said I was the most  awkward looking person he had ever seen on skis.  Never had a sled.  I remember walking to school in  5th grade in McPherson, Kansas, and it was so bitter cold I thought I would die.  I didn't die, of course, but winter is my absolute least favorite season. We even survived the winter of 1979 in Chicago. Not fun then, and not much fun this winter, as everyone stays home. Note to self.  Try to have fun.

Bucket list:  Places I want to see.
1)  Hawaii.  I have been to 49 states and would like to complete my state list with Hawaii.
2)  Other spots!     The Baja down in Mexico.  Banff and Lake Louise in Canada.  Scotland and the Norwegian fjiords, Dresden, Prague and Budapest.  Oxford and Bath and the Cotswolds in England.
Where do you want to go? 

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  1. I usually lose my list, whatever type of list it is, just when I need to use it. Arrive in grocery store, where is list? Gone.

    I live with a family of snowboarders and skiers. I like to sit indoors and see the end results of a magnificent snow storm, but hate the cold, the slippery streets, and the worry of driving in a storm (or waiting for someone else to arrive safely.

    Great goals!

  2. The cold and snow in Canada has been a pain in the waistband this year too! Hard to get out and stay positive when it's so cold. Glad you gave us such warm thoughts to keep warm with! Thanks!

  3. If you're in Boston, I can see why you hate winter this year. We snowbird in Tucson because we also hate the cold. And Banff and Lake Louise and that whole area is spectacular. I hope you make it there.

  4. You'll love the Cotswolds. I have just been back there to visit with my family. It's always hard to leave them and Stroud where I lived but I love coming back to the wide open spaces in Canada.

  5. Robin, Diane, Darkwriter and Victoria.
    Thanks for your comments. The cold continues unabated and we had a bit of rain to really mess things up. Dreaming of faraway places does help endure the dreary present. I started my new novel, and we haven't been without power. Watching the birds dive into the seed scattered by the front door is good entertainment. :)


  6. Winter and I don't get along very well either. I don't like being cold, and we keep our heat set at about 65, since it's supposed to be healthier and cheaper. So we spend much of the winter piling on sweaters and blankets while we sit around gazing longingly out the window, remembering when we could go for a walk without having to suit up for it.

    I try to eat little processed foods also. It is difficult, but ultimately worthwhile and tastier. Cooking from scratch is like sewing clothing, or crocheting afghans, both of which I do for hobbies. They take much longer, but the end product is better, plus you can proudly say, "I made that!" Just like with our books, right?

  7. I make umpteen lists and then can't find them. IPad helps but then I don't remember to look at the list.
    Loved your 'Have Fun' item. That's important and I have to add that to my list too.



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